Wellness is a Family Affair

Wellness Exams

My naturopathic pediatric wellness exam was created to fill the gaps I saw in conventional medicine as my child was an infant.

Vaccine Education

Questions about what immunizations your child is due for? Are you interested in an alterative schedule but don’t know where to start? I done extensive research to be able to provide you with in-depth answers questions about risks, vaccine components, alternative schedules, and supportive measures.

Acute and Chronic Care

An apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away. Learn how to support your child’s acute conditions with the safest proven methods and discover what is holding your child back from living their healthiest life.


I am accepting new patients for in-person and Telehealth appointments within Washington State

I believe that stage for health and wellness is set in childhood and it goes beyond the treatment of diseases. When we react to illness with medications or supplements we are practice “Reactive Medicine”. We should be practicing “Proactive health” which is a state of balance that needs to be cultivated and nourished in our earliest years of life. I work with your family to determine what your wellness goals are for your children and I collaborate with you to create an individualized plan that meets your specific needs.

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