Don’t raise your kids to survive in this world, raise them to change it.

– Katie of Early Childhood Fun 101

I stumbled on this quote on Instagram and it really resonated with me.
We can only do so much in our lifetime to change the world, but we can inspire our children to continue changing it. We see this every day in the news. Our youth, this next generation, are inciting political changes to happen, developing new innovative ways to clean up the oceans, and are inspiring us with their platforms. They will absolutely change the world!

As parents, we only want what’s best for our children. We are constantly reaching for books, articles, instagram accounts, pinterest boards… Resources we can get our hands on to help be better parents, and in turn raise amazing human beings.

Here is a list of resources that I compiled to continue educating ourselves and our children on the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

Resources for Raising the Next Generation of Amazing Human Beings

Black Lives Matter Reading List by Village Books in Bellingham, Wa
Village books has put together an amazing list broken down by age and highly recommended reads. You can purchase books directly through their website! So often we find ourselves buying from Amazon, but I encourage you to support our amazing local businesses!

How to talk to your children about Racial Bias by
According to, children recognize race-based differences as early as 6 months old.

How to diversify your children’s bookshelves by Brightly
When the majority of books feature white children, it is going to take an effort to begin building a diverse bookshelf. This process will take time, but Brightly gives some really great book recommendations to get started. 

Brené Brown
I find everything that Brené writes is golden. Her books are all about doing the internal work to accept who you are, how to embrace being vulnerable, how to trust, and rise stronger. We need all these qualities within ourselves if we expect to raise this next generation with the same. If you are looking for a book to start with, I encourage you to read “The Gifts of Imperfection.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons by Meg Meeker, MD
This book provides encouragement, education, and essential advice on how to raise extraordinary sons.

My resource list for raising the next generation of amazing human beings is by all means not inclusive. I would love to hear your ideas on more resources to include. Leave comments below!

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